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A. Gilman Story: Becoming a Global Ambassador for Social Change with Lamar Shambley

August 3, 2020

Gilman alum Lamar Shambley (Spain, 2009) joins the A. Gilman Podcast this month to breakdown his inspiration and mission behind his non-profit Teens of Color Abroad.  Lamar discusses his thoughts on the value of global exchange programs for students of color as well as the challenges African American students can face embarking on international adventures.    


As the founder of Teens of Color Abroad (TOCA), Lamar helps expose students of color to global languages and cultures to enhance their language learning experiences, augment their educational outcomes, and strengthen their global competency skills. TOCA and Lamar want to teach students of color about the necessity of multicultural competency, developing critical career advancement skills, and gaining a deeper perspective on your own country’s cultural diversities. Lamar Shambley is based in Brooklyn, NY with seven years of experience teaching both middle school math and high school Spanish.  


Follow Teens of Color Abroad on Instagram and connect with Lamar on LinkedIn




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