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Can the Planet Sustain Study Abroad with Mariana Zapata

April 1, 2021

Could traveling the world aid in simultaneously destroying it? Unfortunately, without taking the proper steps towards educating oneself and “paying the cost of admission” as explained by this week’s guest Mariana Zapata (France, 2012), we risk doing just that. Mariana joins the A. Gilman Podcast this month to use this upcoming Earth Day as a chance to reflect on the environmental impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a sustainability and travel writer, Mariana discusses how the planet has blossomed as millions of people were asked to stay inside and what that tells us about our habits as humans.

Mariana Zapata is a Colombian-American sustainability and travel writer who has lived and worked around the world in cities like Seoul, Paris, Bogota, and New York. Her writing has appeared in Atlas Obscura, Thrillist, NBC News Shopping, Apartment Therapy, The Writer, Mariott Bonvoy Traveler en Español, and more.

Check out her articles on her website and connect with her via Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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