A. Gilman Podcast

Creating an Inclusive Women’s Empowerment Movement with Ifrah Akhtar

March 1, 2021

Valiant, trailblazing women like first-generation Rutgers University alumna Ifrah Akhtar (South Korea, 2017) is one of the many reasons why we celebrate Women’s History Month. On this episode of the A. Gilman Podcast, Ifrah joins us to discuss her triumphs and self-discoveries while traveling abroad as a Muslim woman.  She debunks myths about the value of pursuing a degree in Women and Gender studies and how the courses provided her an introspective college experience. The biggest takeaway from this episode is Ifrah’s reflection on the feminist movement in the United States and the changes that need to be made to the women’s empowerment narrative to include more diverse voices and uplift Islamic feminists.

Ifrah Akhtar is a recent graduate from Rutgers University where she studied Religion, as well as Women and Gender Studies. Ifrah had the opportunity to travel with the Gilman Scholarship Program to South Korea in 2017. She was a member of the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers,  the creator of the Muslim’s Abroad guide, and is an avid foodie. Now, Ifrah is the editor-in-chief of the digital publication MODEST Magazine which is proud to work towards redefining and promoting modest fashion.

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